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Reynodual IS branz appraised

BRANZ appraisals are independent assessments of building products, materials, systems or methods of design or construction. A product appraisal is a technical opinion and is used to support and assist building consent authority.

BRANZ experts develop criteria for an appraisal assessment, based on the requirements of the NZBC (New Zealand Building Code) or the BCA (Building Code of Australia) together with user expectations. Throughout the assessment there is expert technical opinions, testing, inspections, product technical literature and all other information is measured and verified against these criteria. An appraisal will give confidence to Regulatory Bodies, Building Consent Authorities and Building Officials during the building approval consent process. It is an important document that will be respected by ALL interested parties.

We are proud to say that Symonite is BRANZ appraised (Appraisal No. 528), proving that our products and processes have passed the strict BRANZ criteria. Once BRANZ Appraisals are issued, BRANZ continues to monitor the product through a Validity program that checks the specification, technical literature, in-use performance and manufacturing quality control.


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