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CodeMark™ is a voluntary scheme that provides an easily understood and robust way to show that a building product or system meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, (NZBC). The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) accredit certification bodies, who in turn evaluate and certify building products.

Symonite Panels Ltd is CodeMark™ certified, confirming that our product, Aluminium Composite Panels, supplied and utilized by our company, has guaranteed acceptance by the regulatory bodies and is a clear demonstration that our product meets mandatory compliance requirements.

Any building consent authority, as complying with the NZBC, must accept a Codemark™ certified product or system, as long as it is used within the conditions and limitations of its Certificate of Conformity.

Clients respect product certification (CodeMark™) as it has legal status equivalent to a Compliance Document, therefore when looking to choose between products, clients are looking for a stamp of approval – certification, which we are proud to have.