Reynodual® is a coil-coated double sheet aluminium panel for facades with high technical, visual and environmentally-friendly requirements. It offers the possibility of creating complex shapes for an attractive and creative appearance.

Consisting of two aluminium sheets bonded together with a total thickness of 3mm, Reynodual® guarantees great impact strength, great wind resistance and meets the stringent fire-protection requirements of EN-13501-1, class A2, the New Zealand Building Code (C-Fire). Reynodual has been tested to AS1530.1 and has been classified as non-combustible and has also been tested to ISO 5660.1 and meets the NZBC Heat Release requirements for all types of buildings.


Front sheet finish:

DURAGLOSS® 5000 is an in-house colour and coating system. DURAGLOSS® 5000 is a modern high tech Polymer system with no limitation on colour or gloss levels as well as a wide range of effects, textures and designs. DURAGLOSS® 5000 innovative Polymers offer advanced Solar Reflective properties with the following additional benefits: Anti-graffiti, anti-scratch and anti-bacterial while being easy clean.

Back sheet finish

Protective primer service coating.


  • High Rise Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Public Buildings
  • Tunnels, Stations, Subway Stations
  • Airports
  • Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls
  • Stadiums, Event Halls


Reynodual® is tested to ASNZS/4284 providing additional assurance that projects will meet the rigorous standards of the NZ Building Code - including NZBC C3 - and the demands of the New Zealand environment. Fire 1530.1 Non-combustible.


Reynodual is part of our indent range of products as creativity requires a broad palette of colours and designs. Reynodual® aluminium panels can be supplied with a myriad of potential colours including most of the Reynobond range.

Minimum order quantities will apply so please ask our consultants about this.

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